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"The record's got some great stuff on it, but I was still figuring out some things about songwriting." called out the band's "college-poetry lyrics and wandering melodies" as the element that was "keeping them from becoming Indigo Women." If the themes feel girlish at times, perhaps it's owed to the fact that the Georgia natives began performing together in high school.

Tickets will go on sale the week of February 20th, with specific details available on the websites of the individual venues.

So in my music, Biblical references come naturally..the language of the Bible is so rich in and of itself; great stories and interesting characters.

But beyond that, there is a spirituality underlying some of our music that has nothing to do with specific texts, it's just more about how we feel about the world.

The pair has arguably paved the way for out mainstream musicians such as Tegan and Sara and Brandi Carlile; just as Indigo Girls benefited in an incremental way from women’s music movement forerunners such as Holly Near and Meg Christian.

Over time, the Indigo Girls audience has largely reverted to its core of queer fans.

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