Consolidating files logic pro

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Even with different versions of the same DAW 'family', you may find that an 'LE' or 'lite' version can't open a project created in the 'full‑fat' product, simply because the full version includes functionality that's missing or disabled in others.

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It sure is a PITA for current projects but worth the trouble in the end for disbursement of project to Client if that is in the contract or to zip for long-term storage to clear disk space.

Clean up your project now, while it’s fresh in your mind, and give your future self a break! Do not perform these steps until you have a backup copy.

I’d like to start this tutorial by saying you need to backup your project. Now that you have your backup, open your project and look at your tracks. Something like “Bass” or “First Guitar” is probably not descriptive enough, but it’s better than nothing.

If you’re using tons of auto-tune on the lead vocal, it’s sometimes useful to duplicate the track, render the auto-tuned one and leave the other one dry.

One of the mixing engineer’s most feared nightmares is opening a session / audio-file folder and going through a 50-track-long list of “Audio 01”, “Audio 02”, “Audio 03” files trying to figure out which is which.

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