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Crops of tobacco were planted up and down the English countryside and promptly burned by King James the First.

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Around the circumference of the bowl is a repeating pattern comprising a narrow vertical rib followed by a broad rib… The clay tobacco pipe has been moulded from a white pipeclay. A line of rouletting is present close to the rim of the bowl.The pipe fragment consists of a damaged bowl, spur and incomplete stem. The bowl is similar to an Oswald type 16 (Oswald, 1975, 37), which typically dates from c. The pipe consists of the bowl, and a small part of the stem.A maker's marks is present on the spur in the form of an 'S' in capitals placed horizontally in light relief. A repeating pattern forming a line of leaves is present along the front and back of the bowl. The bowl is rounded, and curves and narrows towards the stem.From about 1650 records become better and for the 18th century most of the manufacturers are known.In the latter half of the 19th century the number of makers fell drastically due to the competition of the briar-pipe and the cigarette, and by the end of the century the craft was practically extinct.

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