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Comment: How do men decide to say no to a women they are so attracted to but are feel intimidated by her personality? The myth that men are intimidated by well educated or successful women is another one of those dating tropes that needs to die.

In my experience men adore me until they know about my education, work and me being a single mom. I’m not with you on these dates so I can’t say what, if anything you’re doing wrong in regards to your approach or behavior. I will bet that in at least a few of these cases, these guys were just looking for a quick hook-up and nothing more. The percentage of men actually intimidated by a woman with success is relatively small.

In this Huff Post piece, Pompey speaks for successful and highly-driven women: They pursue the perfect man in the same manner that they have spent their entire lives pursuing the perfect job and education. Not enough ‘regular guys' are given opportunities because women have so many options these days. This creates a cultural resentment towards women who are only interested in, say, the top ten percent of the dating population.

Women, just like men, are products of their environment.Good riddance to men who are afraid of Ferraris or perfect bodies or Ph Ds. If you are as great as you say you are, you should have no shortage of quality suitors.I guess the only question I could ask you is the same question I’d ask of any man who perpetually finds that women are “intimidated” by him: How come you’re letting people get intimidated by you?Why aren’t they seeing your friendly, open, warm, vulnerable side?If you were a comedian, at a certain point, you can’t keep insisting that you’re funny but “nobody gets the joke”.

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