Nicky hilton dating david katzenberg am i dating the right girl quiz

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"They broke up quietly after four years together," a friend tells the newspaper.

"The main reason was that they have been busy with their work schedules, and it has made it difficult to spend time together." PHOTOS: Remember these sad star splits?

The founder & CEO of Vegas Weddings told they were a 'very happy couple and very nice'The younger Hilton daughter, who lived at the time in the shadow of her sister's fame, fueled by a 2003 sex tape, was designing purses and had taken some classes at FIT in New York, but never graduated.

She and Meister, a Harvard graduate money manager had met when she was 15.

After the nuptials aunt Kyle, who later found fame on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, said of the groom, 'we all really love him a lot.' Kathy Hilton, seen left cuddling Todd two weeks after he married Nicky, wasn't present for her first wedding.

Après sa grande soeur, Paris Hilton, qui annonçait en juin dernier sa rupture avec son boyfriend Cy Waits, c'est maintenant au tour de la très stylée Nicky Hilton de mettre un terme à sa relation...

Nicholai Olivia Hilton, 20, and Todd Andrew Meister, 33, said their vows and lit a unity candle inside the chapel's Indoor Garden Chapel in a ceremony that cost a few hundred dollars and pronounced them man and wife at am.

Hilton, who wore a thigh skimming aqua blue halterneck dress and a crystal accentuated wedding veil, and her blue jeans-wearing groom were joined by elder sister Paris, then 23, who wore a pink dress to serve as her bridesmaid.

She has recently been in Asia promoting her jewelry line, and David is starting a new production company."Paris Hilton spent Christmas in Aspen, Colorado with her sister, her sister's boyfriend and her fake new BFF, Brittany Flickinger. At the Playboy costume party, this pair of spoiled sisters honored skanky waitresses and bellhops around the world by dressing in revealing, ridiculous outfits...On the left, you'll see David Katzenberg, son of very rich Dreamworks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Mary-Kate Olsen chilling. They look like a cute couple -- except for the whole Mary-Kate part. On the right, you'll see David Katzenberg and Nicky Hilton getting out of a car and looking more than a little confused. The ceremony was a far cry from the scene nearly 11 years later when the hotel heiress, now 31, stepped out of Claridges on Friday wearing Valentino couture on her father's arm and drove in a Bentley to marry English banking heir James Rothschild, 30, in the shadows of Kensington Palace.Then and now: Nicky Hilton pictured in 2004 with Todd Meister, who she married in Las Vegas before having the marriage annulled.

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